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A few things to note:


- The ottoman doesn't have to be square and will be sized once a sofa has been selected

- The length and depth of the sofa shown is a lose representation of the size of the Bernhardt Signature with the curved corner.  This isn't something I can create in my program.  Also note that the depth of the seating area of the sofa will actually be deeper than shown as it does not allow me to fully adjust independent measurements.

- The digital elevations gives a very rough idea of what open shelves vs more traditional shelving with cabinets below would look like - they're very different.  Please note, too, that I cannot create the arched top in the computer program, nor can I shorten the cabinet doors.  Please see sketch (previously submitted and shown here again) for a more true represenation.

- A surround has been added to the fireplace in the elevation, however, I cannot truly represent the tile with the options within the program.  

- Notice that the traditional surround and traditional shelving unit with cabinets at bottom and curve at top are very, very similar to what you currently have.  The major change would be bringing the fireplace forward.

Updates 9.22.20

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