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This was a custom aqua created for a north facing room with windows on three sides.  If you looked at the color in the can, you wouldn't think it was this color! There was considerable tweaking in my studio to get just the right color, then I had Sherwin-Williams create a color match, which is shown in photo two.


The trim is a warm white, shown in photos three and four, but as you can tell from the photo, the northern light pulls away the warm undertones and leaves the trim feeling like a crisp white.  Had a white with cool undertones been used (as by the previous owner), the trim would have appeared more gray and more sterile.  Sherwin-Williams color match to Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117.


You are welcome to have Sherwin-Williams mix a test of these, to see if they work in your space, but I believe it will be too cool for you.  This room, with all of the windows, can get very warm so icy blue (because of the northern light, it actually has green and gold in it) actually makes the room "feel" cooloer.

Option Ten

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