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Unbelievably Soft!



Two 28" x 54" Bath Towels  + Two 13" x 13" Washcloths - $75

Two 34" x 66" Bath Towels + Two 13" x 13" Washcloths - $99

Two 16" x 30" Hand Towels - $32


Harmonia towels provide the soft, silky feeling that cotton grown along the Aegean coast imparts.  These incredibly soft towels are made of 65% Turkish Cotton and 35% Modal yarns that are produced from the eucaliptus tree. Modal yarns are naturally white, not requiring dying. This allows minimum water use in production and makes Modal eucalyptus more sustainable than bamboo. 

Luxurious Turkish Towel - SET of TWO TOWELS + TWO WASHCLOTHS

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