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The first image shows how to make small products stand out on long shelves.  This shows the foamcore idea I mentioned in my notes.  


The second photo is of the same store.  You can see that it lacks interest overall.  There's not much that makes you want to linger in this space.


The third photo is intriguing because it mixes display fixture types, but there is still consistency.  Cloches always make things feel more special.


The forth photo shows ladder style fixtures, which would also be an option for you.


The last photo is of a store in Nashville.  The texture is great, but yet, the long shelves make me want to walk right on past the products because it makes them feel the same.  And while black and white is good, they've gone overboard and nothing stands out.  Things are too much on a grid and lack interest.  Basically, the building is cool, but I don't want to stop and explore their products.  We want them to appreciate both in your shop!


Inspiration Photos

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