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A few notes about CAD:


- These are intended to give a basic understand of how the space will look with paint, flooring, and furnishings.

-I have a limited number of furnishings from which to use, so those shown in the elevations are not necessarily the style I am recommending.

- Although the program includes access to SW paint colors, they never represent well in the elevations, so please keep this in mind


Notes about Design:

- It's wonderful that you have as many windows as you do in your basement.  To make the space feel more like one of the upper levels, the best thing is to fool the eye by making the windows seem larger and more prominent than they are.  This is why I recommend both draperies and blinds that extend past the perimeter of the windows.  Top down blinds are a great way to achieve this.


- You'll see examples of both white blinds and wood matchstick blinds.  Even in the CAD elevations you can see that adding the bit of wood will warm up the rooms.  They are also very reasonably priced.


- The round mirror in the bath is shown as a 36" diameter.  You can use this size so long as the sconces are placed at the widest point of the mirror.  Moving them up even 1" solves the problem.


- I like to repeat elements for cohesion.  The blinds are drapes do this, the placement of blue walls, your posters, and even mirrors.  I have spec'd the same round mirror for above the narrow dresser in the bedroom.


- I have thoughts on your rug options as well as your live-edge sofa table and will share those on your portal as well.


- In the office area, I've shown a wraparound desk which adds a bit of interest, a large, hands-only clock on the wall to the right, and bookshelf above a framed out corkboard (or dry erase, or both).  Above the shelf the blue wall continues.


- As we discussed, the blue wall in the game area and down the long hall can have wall moulding applied for interest.  I will upload modern looks to your portal.


- In the kitchen area, I've placed a high top dining table so the space won't become to linear on one plane with the games area.


*I realize one image shows blue upper cabinets, I changed that after uploading.

**Don't panic over the style of furnishings shown, these do not reflect my actual recommendations.

*I know you'll have a tv above the fireplace.  For rendering purposes, it's nice to have a little color there :)

CAD Elevations

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