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The Little Table that Got Lacquered

I'm a huge proponent of repurposing what you have. You'll find that most of the posts on this blog will feature my DIYs doing just that. What's coming up? A Facebook Marketplace Armoire that got a hefty dose of silver leaf, a bathroom vanity makeover, silkscreening your own pillows, and faux encaustic cement tiles to name just a few! So if you haven't already, be sure to go back to the main website and enter to be added to the newsletter! By doing so, you'll be the first to be notified of my latest shenanigans :)

Now, for that table. It began its life as an unassuming black table from Target about 15 years ago - or more, I've lost track. It's matte black surface was great for the space at that time and the $99 price tag wasn't bad either. But, we moved across Lake Michigan and the Little Table could no longer be black and reside with us. A couple of spray cans later and it was the perfect off-white to sit near the picture window in our master bedroom.

Seven years and a move a little further south, the Little Table once again was able to sit quietly in off-white in the master bedroom of our historic home, balanced below a gallery wall. It was comfortable there for two years, until we moved again.

The Little Table just couldn't hold its own against the Thibaut Janta Bazaar wallpaper in Citron

The Little Table was in trouble and in consideration of being sold secondhand. I studied it in its location for several months, just not "feeling it", before it came to me. LACQUER! Everything is better in Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac. Everything. But the decision . . . brilliant white? Feminine Coral? Spring Green? Take a peek below to see which won out and give me your thoughts - Is it the color you would have chosen for the room? Those new lion's head pulls . . . are they not to die for on the piece?

WC-56 was chosen

Table Before


That room just couldn't tolerate a vanilla table!

Nothing covers like Fine Paints of Europe

On a scale of 1-10, what would you give this vignette makeover?

Oh, and meet Frank. Franklin Debonair, Lord of the Dining Room. I think he approves of the Little Table's new look, don't you?

Finished Cose-up Lacquer Table

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