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Doing the Hard Things, Round Two

One Room Challenge - Week Four

Dust, dust, dust!

I had two messy projects going at the same time and, as you can see, both created a fair amount of dust.

Refinishing the complete bedroom set wasn't something I really wanted to do, but as I mentioned in this previous ORC post, I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it yet. My plan was to eliminate a few pieces, placing them in the walk-in closet or elsewhere. However, I knew that I would be refinishing all of the set so it would still match, should it all be back together at some point. This created so. much. more. work. And a dilemma, which you'll learn about later.

The process went a little like this:

~ sand

~ fill

~ sand

~ fill

~ sand

~ prime

~ sand

~ prime

~ sand

~ paint

~ sand

~ paint

Painted with Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac high gloss in Farrow & Ball's Lulworth Blue

And that was just for the bedroom set. Wall moulding was cut on the miter saw in our basement workshop, two flights down. All the pieces were cut, then brought up two flights to the guest room for installation. Once on the wall, the moulding was filled with wood filler, sanded, and given two coats of paint the same color and finish as the wall - Benjamin Moore China White mixed by Sherwin-Williams in Cashmere Low Lustre.

I ran out of moulding with one wall left. Typically, a quick trip to Home Depot would have replenished the stock and I'd be off and running again. But COVID. It took more than two weeks to get the additional moulding delivered! I decided to make good use of this time and proceed with priming and painting the furniture, instead of waiting until all the molding was up (which would have been safer, with less chance of the paint getting nicked before fully curing).

The original plan was to install a more elaborate moulding pattern on the ceiling, but by the time the wall moulding was finally complete, and with the furniture already painted, I was OVER the mess and ready to move forward with other details. Like soft goods.

It is not only looking good, but feeling SO GOOD to be putting the room back together. Because of the moulding delay, the mattress and box spring sat in the hall (visible from the front door) weeks longer than planned. With the drawers back in the furniture, and the bed put back together, it was time to make final fabric selections and begin sewing. The fabrics are key to this room, they bring the color and set the mood for the otherwise blue and white space.

Thibaut, Schumacher, and Waverly Options Among Others Were Considered

Another key element was also selected - the art above the bed. I looked long and hard, and took a couple of weeks before finally pulling the trigger on this one. I much prefer original art, but to keep costs down, I ordered a limited edition print from this shop on Etsy and couldn't be more pleased. It is produced on high quality paper and is signed by Victoria. My one regret is that I ordered plexiglass instead of real glass and it doesn't lay perfectly flat. It does seem to be getting better over time though. Etsy is a great source for art - on any budget. My go-to frame sources are Framebridge, Frames by Mail, and Picture Frames dot com (who did this piece), as well as our local frame shop and even House of 10,000 Picture Frames, in Dayton, which I still use often. House of 10K frames offers great customer service, quick turnaround, and reasonable prices. (Wait until you see what they've framed for an upcoming cabin project!)

Morpholio Moodboard Mockup with Etsy Art

Join me next week as I share the final fabric selections and how they are used!


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