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Can Staging Help Sell My Home?

Doesn't This Space Invite You In?

The way we live in our homes and the way we present them to market are often at opposite ends of the spectrum. Whether it's something as basic as a toilet seat being left up and a used towel hanging on a hook or it is something a bit more complicated. Maybe you've adjusted to the stiff sliding door and barely notice it anymore. Maybe those shoes lined at the door just make life more convenient. Maybe the photos of Suzy and Johnny on your nightstand bring you so much joy in the morning when you wake and cause you to count your blessings at bedtime.

But you're not trying to sell your HOME to someone. You're trying to sell your HOUSE to someone. You want them to be able to see themselves living there and creating their own moments and habits - good and bad.

As a designer, my job is to make your home YOU. The space we live in day in and day out should be a visual reflection of who we are as individuals and as a family. However, my job as a home stager is to strip your house of anything personal. The goal is to appeal to your broadest demographic for the style and location of the home. And while you might be a bohemian flower child hell-bent on everything purple, I can assure you that will not reach your broadest demographic.

We love our homes, at least for the most part (isn't there always something that needs done, or is that just me?) and it can be difficult to take a critical assessment of what needs to be accomplished to present its true potential. As a stager, I come in to assess. This is not to critique your personal style - I'm happy to help you with that in your next home! I come in as someone who has staged multiple houses, understands your market conditions, and your target demographic. My recommendations will cover everything from what areas need attention for cleaning, organizing, repairing, and replacing. But there's more to it than that. Using my background as a graphic designer I design your house to appeal to buyers - I draw the potential buyer in through thoughtful and calculated design.

That design element is anything but cookie cutter. It is a calculated measure to draw positive attention to your house and stand out in the buyer's mind so that you are in the best position to spend the least amount of time possible on market and garner offers higher than similar properties.

We offer several packages from which to choose. Select the one that best suits your goals and budget and let's get started!

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